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A safe workplace is our primary priority. Through training and consultation your company's greatest assets are its employees. CSTC is dedicated in educating, mentoring, coaching and consulting your staff in fostering a safe and health environment in all areas of the workplace. When an incident or accident occurs, you can be assured that there is a confident and diligent individual who is able to assess the situation and proceed with the necessary corrective actions. CSTC will lead your company to strive for excellence in all area of compliance and productivity. We encourage all participants to explore all avenues and gain the confidence they require to be able to facilitate and maintain a safe and healthly workplace environment.

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At the Certified Safety Training Centre we off a variety of courses to help our customers fulfill all their training requirements.

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Certified Safety Training Centre is a first-class Health and Safety training facility. With a wide range of courses and seminars including Safety Standards, Hazard Awareness & Prevention and Workplace Safety, we are able to provide any organization and its leaders with the right information and training to operate successfully and diligently in their specific field.